perfo vs. cabas

  1. hi guys, i'm thinking of getting a new chanel bag. i already have the caviar purse in black and am wondering if i shld make my next purchase a perfo purse (in a bright summery color) or a small coco cabas. i'm only 5'1 so the coco cabas might overwhelm my small frame. what do u guys think? comments much appreciated!
  2. I have both and love both. Coco cabas is really big. I'm 5'6, I still think baby coco cabas looks a little bulky on me.
  3. coco cabas! i don't think it's too big, but i like big bags.
  4. cabas! because im not a huge fan of the perfo range.
  5. CABAS! because i dont like the perfo.
  6. Cabas, as I am not at all taken with the perforated.
  7. I personally like perfo ones! (I just bought a green one today:yes: )
  8. cabas..
    i'm 5'1 too..i borrowed my sister large cabas in blk & my mom baby cabas in white
    both looks fine on me.. i think.. but i love big bags
  9. i'm not a big fan of the perfo so i'd say go for cabas, and since you want something summery so maybe a white cabas?
  10. i have both too and love them, although i would get a cabas first....
  11. baby cabas! not diggin' the perfo line too much.
  12. Perforated! Great for the summer!
  13. I saw an orange perforated flap today and I really loved it!!! Love the perfo leather and the bright color... :girlsigh:
    It's going to be my next bag!!!
  14. another vote for the cabas! I dont think it would look too big on you. It's a great bag and one of the BEST styles Chanel has ever come out with.
  15. cabas hands down! not much of a fan of the perfo :p