Perfo Speedy

  1. Has it always been $1,320? Just wondering..

  2. I believe that it was $1200... I could be wrong though :confused1:
  3. I bought mine for $1200!
  4. hmmmm, that's strange, usually limited items will NOT go up with an increase, none of the perfo went up last price increase and it looks like only the perfo speedy went up this time, again.....confused......
  5. ^It was always $1200.
  6. Hmm..I haven't carried mine yet. Perhaps I should sit on it and resale it later! LOL. No, this makes me want to pull it out and use it today!
  7. Yeahh I remembered it was $1200 and so wondered coz someone here said the limited line price will not go up....
  8. So much for that theory.
  9. 1200, I'm surprised to see the increase on this.
  10. that is very strange... :confused1:
  11. is it still around? i liked it