Perfo Speedy

  1. Okay guys I need your opinions. I kinda like the perfo speedy in fushia but I am not sure if I love it.

    The only thing I don't want to do is not get it now while it is available and not be able to get one later. I did this with the cerise line and now I want a speedy so bad but it isn't gonna happen!?!

    For $1,200 what do you guys think??
  2. um..i dont know i say i love the bag too...but im sure i will get bored with it...but when i see it on other people i love it and want to get it.I would say get it,and if you realy dont think you want it..return it and get another bag lol
  3. Go for it!!!! You will love it!!! :heart:.
  4. LOl- That sounds like a good idea! Let me tell you tho. Once I get a LV home I never return it! UGH. I have a disease!
  5. the first time i saw the bag, i really :heart: her. but now i am happy that i didn't buy the perfo speedy. i think you get bored of this bag. i like her, but i don't love her. but if you really want it then go for it!:yes:
  6. If you really want it, go for it! Not that it necessarily matters, but I don't see the perfo as timeless of a style as the cerise is, IMO. What's important is whether the perfo works for you! I'd go for it and you could always sell it down the road if you ever got tired of it...
  7. I think it definitely looks the best in fuschia, as if the perfo fuschia was made for speedy. If you want something from the perfo line, I think this is the best of them all!
  8. If you are able to get one get it while you can!
  9. I have a green perf. speedy and I love it! I was planning on getting a fuschia one too, but then I flunked a subject so my parents wouldn't give me cash as a graduation gift, and now I'm moving to St. Petersburg on friday to stay for three months, and they don't have a LV butique there and I'm not sure if it's worth the travel to Moscow just to get one (although if I'm going to Moscow anyways which I probably will and have the money, I'll probably stop by the LV butique there). I'm also heading straight to LV when I get back to Oslo and maybe they will still have it there, but as said, I love the one I already have and you should definately get one before it's too late.

    Edit: I'm not sure if it will increase its value the same way as for example the cerises have, but personally I really love that 80s touch that I feel the design have, and anyways, you can probably sell it for retail if you regret buying it later as it's better to regret having bought something than not to have bought it after it's gone ;)
  10. I don't like it personally. Too many holes for me. But I do have a perfo Cles that I love.
  11. The only thing that has thrown me off is people saying the bag looks like a dog carrier!! I didn't even think about it until people said it and now I am kinda on the fence about it! I think I have to do it. If I don't I will regret it later on. And like you guys said I could sell it if I never carry it! Agh!
  12. I say go for it!! It's a cute bag.
  13. Good! I didn't hear the dog carrier comments before after I bought mine, but still it didn't affect me at all. And also, I live in a small town, so most of the LVs here are fake mono or MC or fake cerises/CB, and that's another reason why I love it - because it's not as common as mono or MC.
  14. Okay great! See that's why I come to you guys! You all rock! We are such enablers! LOL

    Thanks for all the comments!!
  15. go for it .. i love mine and never got bored of it made me like the speedy bags :flowers: