Perfo Speedy or Stephan Sprouse?

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  1. I blame myself for looking on ebay. Oy. I found a lovely LOVELY perforated speedy in fuchsia. I've always wanted this bag. It is in great shape and not a bad price. However, I was going to purchase the Stephan Sprouse Rose Neverfull in October. I don't know what to do. Of course I want both, haha but I just don't know!!!!!

    What if when I go to LV in October they are sold out of the Neverfull? I would be sooo disappointed! Suggestions?

  2. i would get the stephen sprouse. im not a fan of the holes. you can always get the neverfull online if the boutiques are sold out
  3. get the speedy while you can
  4. I say go for the stephen sprouse. I never liked the perforated speedies.
  5. IMO roses
  6. Perforated. I'm not a fan of the roses.
  7. Roses Neverfull is beautiful, I adore the pink sweet!
  8. Roses Neverfull... ^^^ I'm with hippo@alice with the pink lining!
    Good luck!
  9. Roses NF gets my vote!
  10. I like the Perf speedy a lot, especially in fuchsia. But I like the Roses too. Get both haha. Can't go wrong with either!
  11. Rose NF gets my vote!
  12. Roses!!!
  13. roses NF, i imagine there is nothing like a brand new lv
  14. i'd say get the perforated speedy since you've always wanted it. if the NF is still available when you plan to get it, it's meant to be. :] but if it's not.... oh well. :/ i always take that risk when i want things.... see if it's meant to be with me. :P
  15. ^ I agree!