Perfo speedy or Antigua Cabas MM

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  1. Which bag?? The pefo I would get would be green and the antigua would be the cocco/olive color....
    p10883230_ph_althero_Brown.jpg p11093572_ph_hero.jpg
  2. I'd get the perfo. :biggrin:
  3. I like the Perfo better!
  4. It depends if you like hand-held or shoulder?? I have both and use them for different reasons. I like that colour of the Antigua:biggrin:
  5. If you're a shoulder bag gal, go for the Antigua. I want an MM in brown :idea: .
  6. I like the perfo collection, but have heard many "dog carrier-esque" comments from people who've bought the speedy- and you could practically buy two Antiguas for the price of it!
  7. Perfo!
    They're growing on me. :0)
  8. perfo
  9. Perfo Speedy!
  10. I prefer the Perfo speedy, I don't think it looks like a dog carrier at all. Besides, when you are actually carrying it, it assumes the more natural shape of a bag, not like what you see in the picture, which is kind of stiff.
  11. Go for the perfo, it's hot!
  12. i like the antigua... just not a fan of the perf line...unlikely to be a classic imo
  13. perfo
  14. Antigua!!!:love: LOVE that color!!!
  15. I'd get the perforated speedy, even though I don't really like them compared to other Louis Vuitton items, honestly the antigua is kind of a rip !
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