Perfo Speedy in Fuschia or Green?

  1. I got a great deal on a perfo speedy in fuschia, so I bought it...but I also recently purchased the green perfo speedy. The problem is that I can only afford to keep one. They're both in excellent condition though the fuschia seems just a little newer. Which one should I keep?! :confused1:
  2. Fuschia.. not because it seems a little newer.. I just like the color more than I would green. :yes:
  3. I would keep the fuschia:yes:
  4. i prefer the fuschia too!
  5. my vote is going to fuschia:yes:
  6. I like them both and I have a green one. If the fuschia is in better condition then I would keep that one.
  7. I'm voting for the GREEN!!!! It's my favorite color!
  8. another vote for GREEN!
  9. keep the fuschia, sell the green.
  10. vote for green
  11. I would keep the fuschia and sell the green.
  12. It looks like fuschia is in the lead! Any other voters out there?
  13. I like the fuschia better too!
  14. Fuschia!
  15. my vote goes to the fushia.