Perfo Pochette Cles

  1. Tomorrow I'm going to call my LV boutique, to ask whether they still have a green perfo pochette cles. I hope they have one, because both elux and the Lv website claim it's still available. Please cross your fingers for me! And btw has anyone experienced anything odd with this particular line? Anything I should know about it? Thank you.
  2. No, just watch for things snagging on the microfiber lining on the inside, otherwise it's good. I have the green one still sitting in its box monogram groom has taken over my keys!!! :yahoo:
  3. Lol, if I manage to get the perfo cles tomorrow, I will do the exact opposite: put the groom back into its box and use the perfo cles instead.
  4. Good luck....I hope you get one.
  5. I had the orange perfo cles (sold it a while ago) and it was roomy. I had originally purchased the vernis cles, but found I couldn't fit much in it at all. I could fit a bunch of change, nail file, random cards and cash, etc., all in the perfo cles with room to spare. I sold it because I decided I'm not much of a cles person - felt that my stuff was then scattered between wallet, agenda and cles.

    Good luck finding one! The green is too cool :supacool:
  6. I hope you can get one. I've got an orange one, and love it. It's my favorite Cles next to my Charms one.
  7. So you (all) think it's going to be tough to get one? Bummer...
  8. i really want one of these but there are none left in the UK and eluxury does ship here :crybaby:
  9. ^ I hope that's not the case in Austria. I've rarely seen any perfo LVs hopefully there's one left for me.
  10. the funny thing is I never see Perfo here

    there is a Pfer here I think it's LVstaff (?) they work in the Vienna boutique PM them they may be able to tell you
  11. P.m.ed her, but tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. sharp I'm going to call the boutique.
  12. Good Luck I'm keeping my finger crossed for you
  13. Love love my orange perfo cles. No probs what so ever.
  14. Ok, so I called and there are no p.c.s left... sigh.
  15. well, if you are in Austria: maybe you could call LV in Germany?! ... I've been to Vuitton Düsseldorf last monday and they still had the perfo cles on display (I think it even was the green one :confused1:) .... their customer hotline is 0211 864 700

    EDIT: Am I even allowed to post phone numbers? I see the 866 mentioned all the time, so I hope it isn't a problem. If yes, mods: Please delete! Thanks :flowers: