Perfo Pochette Cles in Fuchsia

  1. Got this yesterday. Love it. It is a little bigger than the cerises cles.


  2. Thats funky
  3. It's cool! I want one in the orange.
  4. Congrats, Im amazed , when the line came out my SA told me it will never come out in Fuschia, I love it ! I might get it this week. It's so cute!
  5. Yes I just spoke to the store in new york going thursday to pick mine up, it is too cute congrats
  6. Thank you all. I forgot to mention that the prices didn't increase for Perfo line.:P :P
  7. Congrats.
  8. Beautiful:yes: congrats!:biggrin: :heart:
  9. congrats on your new Cles!!!
  10. Congrats! I've got an orange, and love it.
  11. Congrats on the new cles!!! Fushia is so cool looking!!
  12. Beautiful!