1. Okay so I am seriously thinking about getting a pochette in April. I want to get something to hold my cc's though. So I NEED comparison pics (I already searched and didn't find comp pics), so could anyone who has the following combos PLEASE, PLEASE post some pics!!

    L@@KING for comparison pics of these:

    1. cles (mono or damier) and perfo cles
    2. perfo cles and perfo plate
    3. perfo cles inside reg pochette (not perfo pochette)
    4. perfo plate inside reg pochette
    5. perfo cles and/or plate and rabat
    6. rabat inside reg pochette
    7. cles inside reg pochette

    Also someone on here said the perfo line is def coming back and that one boutique already has almost all of the it coming back in all colors (pink, orange and green) or what??
  2. My 2cents on the plate:

    Perfo Plate inside a reg pochette doesn't really work so well. The height would make it hard to zip and the size of it would be hard to fit many more items inside the pochette. I often will carry my plate as a clutch because it can easily fit my Razr. I think it's one of the most useful things I've bought at LV. It holds my pens & pencils while I'm at school, and I can grab it out my bag and head out for the night. It also is great for reciepts!

  3. thanks so much, so that narrows down my decision.

    So any perfo cles owners?? need pics please!!
  4. agreed. this is a brilliant standalone piece. I have the plate in fuchsia. : )