perfo limited or permanent line

  1. Hi everyone!Im just wondering if the perfo line of LV is only seasonal or here to stay for good?:confused1: I went to LV the other day (interested to get a speedy perfo :smile: ) and the SA told me that its sold out and its a limited edition only. Pls reply anyone :sad:
  2. Your SA is correct.
  3. yep, came out this year a part of the s/s collection, its slowly going to go away like all seasonal things :sad:
  4. is limited
  5. Lol... actually it is selling (out) much slower than LVMH likes.
  6. gee guys, those were fast replies thanks so much!
  7. If you're interested in getting that bag, there're 2 left in LV boutique here in pittsburgh. You can also call the 866 number to have an agent locate one for you.
  8. I'm not surprised. =P I think this will happen to quite some bags this season too. ;) Hopefully they'll take the hint.
  9. seasonal, not le.
  10. There is still quite a bit available, call 866, and they can probably find almost anything for you.

  11. whoops my bad!!
  12. I think it's seasonal... Cos I don't see them in the local stores anymore.
  13. I saw orange and green at Nieman Marcus in Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego about a week ago.
  14. run (only produced for a certain amount of time).
    There are still pieces around though, just call 866-vuitton :yes: