Perfo info needed

  1. I've searched on this site for a good 10-15 minutes and I was unable to find info on the perfo line. Mods, if you can point me in the right direction (if there is a thread dedicated to perfo) that would be fab.

    Can anyone provide me with a pricing list for perfo? There isn't much left on the eLux site.

    Many thanks!
  2. You can call 866 Vuitton and they can help you.
  3. Wow! I read through that thread and not very many people liked the line went it first came out. LOL I've always liked it. :yes:
  4. ^^Same here! When I first heard about it I didn't really like it but then I saw them in person I loved them.
  5. I just bought a green perfo speedy in Las Vegas Caesar's forum last week and the price was $1320. I called 866 and they said they had 3 there. They also had the green cles which was $215 I think. Give 866 a call and ask them for what's left, they are always so nice and helpful.
  6. i am all about that cles right now. thinking i may have to hunt down a pochette.
  7. The accessories are very cute and fun.
  8. My fav is the fuchsia perfo! :love:
  9. Oh a perfo accessory may have to be my first as I agree they are very cute and fun!