Perfo Cles's Left on Elux !!!

  1. Thank you for the Info!
  2. ooh!
  3. ooo, hh... great update. lemme go check on that...
  4. too bad you don't know how many are left, i have to wait on my paycheck this friday!
  5. I just saw those too-vute, but I still prefer the groom! (though I guess the perfo wouldn't rub)
  6. i need to get one!
  7. Hmmm... I'm tempted to get a green one? :s
  8. Not my favorite....not a big seller, out almost a year now!
  9. It does hold a lot :devil:
  10. too bad it's not a plate. =(
  11. Plates are still available through 866, if you want.
  12. Lovely.
  13. i have the green one and i absolutely love it. been using it daily since it came out and it still looks fantastic. it holds so so much more than a normal mono cles. i highly recommend it. not to mention the zipper won't chip because it's a leather pull.

  14. I have a fuchsia one and I love it, too. So much bigger than a mono cles!!