Perfo Cles!!!!

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  1. Ladies I just called 866 asking if they had the perfo fuscia cles and said not one in the whole country. So i called my local store in NJ and she found one in Indiana that might of had one so i called and they had one more!!!!!:yahoo: She also told me as soon as the green and orange finish there will be no moreSO BUY THEM NOW if you really want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh I'm jealous!

    I called yesterday, and they told me the only one around was in *Puerto Rico* so I'm having my fuchsia perfo cles shipped from there :P

    Yay for fuchsia perfo cleses!!!! I'm so glad there were still some left for us!
  3. Congrats to both of you!
    The perfo cles is really cute! :yes:
  4. how funny is that they told me there was one in Puerto Rico as wel !!! there was one in the states and that was in indiana lv Saks so she gave me the # to call!! How funny is that!!!! do u have the speedy or pochette??
  5. thank you!
  6. Congrats! :flowers: I guess you decided on the fuchsia, then?:graucho:
  7. does anyone have a picture of there fuscia perfo cles i am trying to show my coworker but i can only find the ones in green or orange??
  8. I took a screenshot of the one on the LV website and attached it. HTH!

    OH I can't wait till it comes!!!!

    ETA: oh and I don't have the speedy or pochette :sad: I'm not crazy about the perfo in large amounts, but this cute little can I NOT love it...and I love the fuchsia...oh I want it NOW! :yahoo:

    I made the picture of it my desktop I can look at it all the time :P
    fuchsia perfo cles 1.JPG
  9. thats awesome!!! thank you!!! hehehehee
    do you have the mono speedy? yeah i dont have any other perfo either but i figured it be great for the reg mono!!!
  10. OMG...just when I was settled on the Green one, now I want the Fuschia. lol. It's soooo pretty!:heart:
  11. haha they are all pretty!!! i like the green 2! hmmm

    get one!!
  12. oh definitely! it'll add some great color...

    I totally don't have any mono bags to attach it to (yet!) but I just LOVED it so much! I'll stick in my other bags with my $...for now...until my next purchase :P
  13. I love the fuschia. How much is the retail on it?
  14. Retail is $215...but definitely call soon, I think they may be all gone
  15. Congrats! I'm glad you could find one. I've got an orange one.