Perfo Cles Code?

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  1. Can anybody please tell me the referance code for the fuschia perfo cles or orange
  2. anybody?

    I mean model number rather than reference (oopps)
  3. Wish I had it for ya. :s

    But, if you wanna be just a little sneaky and get it yourself, here's my tip.....

    Call you local Vuitton boutique in the UK or the main telephone number. Ask for the reference # right over the phone. If you feel any suspicion, tell them you're going to "Japan" :roflmfao: and you would like the Reference # b/c you're going to buy it there for a friend. They would infer that it's called something else in Japan and that a reference # would allow them to simply quickly look up the item.

    I've done that to 1-866-Vuitton in the US and it work everytime! G'luck ;) :lol:
  4. I think it could be this: M95223

    That's whats on this little tag that cames with my fuchsia perfo cles...actually they threw in 3 of them for some reason...
  5. I'm a bit clueless to this, what does the reference code do?
  6. If you were to call LV, giving them that number refers to the item directly. Its like the UPC code of an item, but it's just for LV. Hope that answer your inquiry! :flowers: