perfo caring

  1. hi guys, I was wondering if you would give me some basic tips about caring about the perfo items since my perfo cles didn´s came with care booklet, it is a small item but I love it and I´d hate it to be dirt or something, specially dust would stuck inside getting by the holes, I went to the store with the receipt and a rude SA (think she was new there) told me she wouldn´t replace the booklet since the item was purchased out of mexico. She told me I MUST GO to the store I bought the item and ask for the book and I said it was a gift and she said sorry I cant do anything... how mean don´t u think so? fortunately that´s not the only store in my city, I won´t come back there at least if she still worknig there.
  2. My perfo clefs came wih a care book.