Perfo Belts

  1. LV designed a new line of perforated (unisex) belts, see the pictures below. The belt comes in black and caramel leather, as well as a vachetta version. I like that version best, simply because it looks very "summer-y" and fresh. The big problem is, you know, the material it's made of. Would you get one?
  2. Someone got one on the forum, I forgot though who it is.
  3. Ok, I see. He bought the belt in black, but I am more interested in the natural version. Do you think it will be too big a risk to wear it?
  4. I AM TOTALLY buying the vachetta verson who cares, it will be AMAZING once it patina's!!!!
  5. Yeah, ONCE it patinas and IF you manage to keep it flawless.
  6. I would be nervous with the light, I agree, if you bought it and let it patina before you use that, that might work.
  7. Thanks BagFreak! You rock, I was gonna post a link for my thread. Yeah I saw the natural leather one and was like wow...I'm too scared to consider it. Heck, mine is still sitting pretty...planning on wearing it out sometime this week haha...I'll post pics when I finally do!
  8. Yea, the belt is gorgeous! :love:

  9. I agree .. the vachetta will be stunning once it develops the patina:love:
  10. Beautiful. I wouldn´t get it just because I don´t wear belts.
  11. No I will just wear it even while light, its a belt what the worst that could happen, these things are meant to be used. :smile:
  12. I will look stunning after a while:yes:
  13. Thank you for posting the pictures! The vachetta version is quite beautiful! However, I think it would look best if it stayed looking like "newborn" vachetta rather than having the (inevitable) patina. I think the belt looks more striking with newborn vachetta. :smile:
  14. Lol, I agree. The question is how to keep it that way. I guess there's no way.