PERFO BAGS - bye bye

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  1. I feel soooo lucky to own a perfo pink bag, got it during summer of this year. My friend is searching for one also, we have checked with HK & SINGAPORE, sad to say they don't have it anymore... my SA informed us that this line has been discontinued.

    thought of posting my perfo bag for you guys...:graucho:
    Attached Images[​IMG]PERFO BAG.jpg (141.9 KB, 0 views)
    Vivs :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Yes they were only a limited edition line, been discontinued for a while now.
  3. Yes, it is lovely. The perfo speedy gave a new look to the classic mono speedy. Congrats on having a limited edition bag.
  4. You lucky girl :smile:
  5. *hugging my perfo* Luckkkkkkkky me :wlae:
  6. Congrats! You lucky girl...
  7. What is your friend looking for? Perfo pouchette or speedy?
    Either one, I think the LV boutique in St. Louis Plaza Frontanec has it.
    They are the last ones in the US, they said.
  8. i believe there is on left in the new jersey lv
  9. oh wait its in usa
  10. is it ALL the perfo bags..or just the pink?
  11. that's strange though... i still see them in the LV store here in Toronto..
  12. I thought it was a cute line, and I'll probably buy a used speedy down the road.
  13. Congratulations on 'snagging" one. I just checked Elux, and it only has a green speedy and pochette cles. It seems as if the orange is gone.
  14. There are some left all over the US call up the louis vuitton in macy's in garden city, new york just saw some perfo bags a few weeks ago im sure they're still there!
  15. i love the pochette cles, that is still available..