Perfo Availibility

  1. Are stores still carrying the monogram perfo line and if they are for how much longer?
  2. iono...they should still have some....I know the store near me still has 2 perfo speedies left
  3. I would definitely call ASAP if there's something specific you have in mind. Some stuff has already been sold out.
  4. Not sure how much longer...just until it's all sold out.
    The NM boutique I go to sometimes still has a couple Cles and they have all 3 colors of the Speedy.
  5. I occassionally see a perfo Speedy, cles and plate in stores. But I have yet to see the shoulder bags since their initial release. I don't even see people carrying the bag!
  6. I only saw the pochette cles, you should get what you want while you can.

  7. I know! I never see any demi lunes or musettes. I saw a picture the other day of the rapper Missy Elliot with the fuchsia musette like the one I got my mom (that I use quite often lol) but I've never seen anyone carrying either of those bags when I go out. I see a lot more speedys, especially in fuchsia.
    That's better for me :graucho:
  8. I just got the Pochette in green, and the Valley Fair store still had the Speedies in green and fuchsia. But I agree with everyone else, if you want something, I'd call now to see if it's still available.
  9. Eluxury has the speedies available.