Perfectly [Pahlish]

  1. Gorg! Can't wait to get home and have a look at mine.

    Hmmm. Maybe her fuschia glitter is bleeding, making the base a different color? I know Melissa at Candeo had problems with her fuschia.
  2. That's a good point about the glitter possibly bleeding. Here are shots of my bottle; the last one is with my thumb which has coral which she said it should look like


  3. It looks a LOT LIKE Lovesong. I actually had to look at them side by side. My bottles look like what she sent. I think her swatches look orange because her background is orange and dim looking?

    Honestly, I don't think the glitter is bleeding. There's just so much fuchsia glitter. My base looks coral but it is full of glitter both large and micro.

  4. See, now I'm kicking myself, HARD! I can't wear orange, but I LOVE pinks and fuschias! I would have been sure to try to get one if I knew that it was pink rather than orange.
  5. You know I am really not an orange fan but was like hey what the heck let me try something outside of pink, purple, and blue. Lo and behold I still got a pink lol.
  6. More Pahlish tomorrow :p
  7. 2 coats over Zoya Heidi ... had to try it right away!!!


  8. I'll be driving my boys to respite care at update time, so no Taco Bell for me that way this week. :sad: I have posted over on the Facebook swap board, so hopefully someone doesn't love theirs and wants to trade.
  9. I already have it!
  10. drats. these messages doesn't appear as notifications!
  11. That group is awesome! Crossing my fingers for you!

  12. pm'd you!!
  13. very nice! i'm looking forward to tomorrow's restock! :p