Perfectly [Pahlish]

  1. I got distracted watching SYTTD Bridesmaids and missed attempting to get Dark Parades. My wallet thanks me.
  2. :roflmfao: Must buy all the sparkles

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    I got Fire in the Taco Bell and Dark Parades whilst standing in line at Panda Express :biggrin: now debating if I should finally get Hole Hearted from All That Glitters or buy something else.......................
  4. I got the Toxic and Timeless and Train Underwater. I was there at the start so I got the Dark Parades one too as it was a backup choice I made.
    I already see how much fun these sales are! I'm glad I started off on the right foot. Thanks for the tips. :tup:
  5. What?!?!:nuts:
    Don't you owe it to Taco Bell to switch lanes?!?:lol:
  6. !!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I didn't even think of that :p The first place I go after I put that polish on is Taco Bell to make up for it :graucho:
  7. ATG is releasing new polishes soon - Disney Princes inspired ones so watch out for that =)

    Add Hole Hearted on that restock....
  8. I LOVE Disney inspired things! Thanks for that, I'll definitely just wait to add Hole Hearted to that one =) Maybe I'll get Sitting in a Tin Can now :biggrin:
  9. ugh! Silly me got the time wrong. I missed out on Dark Parades. I did manage to get Slow fade of Love, Lovesong Writer, Pianos filled with flames and train underwater. Can't wait to try them.
  10. Endless Static Sea & Your Silver Lining too?
  11. You are baaaaaaad!:p
  12. Got an eye for all the pretties - I just swatched ESS quickly... Pahlish is my fave indie along with Nostalgic Lacquers, then comes ATG - but SparklesByJulie is another to watch out for... easily switching gears to be my next top Indie too! :p

    Dance Across The Sea is a lovely bright teal with dark blue glitters.. Thats what drew me to my 1st Pahlish purchases - of course ESS, YSL, Typewriter Keys jumped along for the long haul ride :biggrin:

    & that was only 2 months ago????? Now I have several polishes
  13. I was trying very hard to ignore those.. but I ended up just tossing them in my cart. I'll pull the trigger next time :cool:
  14. Quite a few actually! I wanted the "orange taco" one (lol) but I couldn't get reception when she went live. I just picked up some older ones I don't have yet - Typewriter Keys, Dance Across the Sea and Lovesong Writer.
  15. :roflmfao: Hahaha ohh well it all makes sense now!

    Yay! Good picks!! :biggrin:

    Congrats on the ones you did get! I adore Slow Fade of Love.