perfection *reveal*

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  1. Hello fellow tpfrs :yahoo:
    Went shopping with my sister today with no intentions of spending too much but some unexpected purchase happened like always :blush: We had to visit Hermes but there was only a few kellys and one 25 blue jean birkin in gold hardware which was too small. We were about to leave thinking one day the right color and size will arrive when the SA said if u wait for a hour, we will be receiving a 25cm tabas camel (sp) with gold hardware and a ** brikin in **** ***********. I was over the moon because thats my grail color and leather ( only if it was a 40 HAC :sad: ) my sister was unsure because she doesn't know the color. Surely when the bag arrived in store we had to bring it home :biggrin:

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  2. Alright! Let's see please...
  3. :yahoo:
  4. opening ... opening ...
    any guesses :rolleyes: ??

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  5. Etoupe togo 35?
  6. Etoupe?
  7. quite close ;)
    may i reveal the 35 gris tourterelle birkin in tourillon clemence with gold harware !!!
    enjoy and have a good night x

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  8. Great neutral! Congrats on your find!
  9. Congrats!!
  10. Lovely, congratulations!
  11. Very unusual with ghw - I like it!

    Huge congratulations Hermesh

    Which of the pics would you say is the most acurate colour wise?
  12. Congrats, thanks for sharing with us!
  13. thanks everyone :amuse:
    The most accurate color imo is with flash. Under different lights it does have a huge variation in color which is great. I never thought gris would go with gold but it really worked! it brought out the warmer tones and really made the bag pop. She is so very lucky though, we didn't have to wait a year, it only took an hour :happydance:
  14. Great story, beautiful bag!