Perfect White T-Shirt

  1. What is your favorite white t-shirt? I have several James Perse and your basics (Old Navy, Gap, Banana). Any other suggestions? I love a white v-neck t-shirt and jeans. Thanks for the help!
  2. I love my Splendid T's. I live in them in the summer!!
  3. pink-sounds like you have quite a few...which is the best fit for you?
  4. I haven't found one I really love! I guess that is why I keep buying a variety until I find the perfect one. Does that make any sense..ha ha?!
  5. My older sister loves the Mossimo tees at Target, they're cheap and fit well.
  6. I love Ralph Lauren's simple v-neck cotton tee's. And they are super cheap!
  7. I also like the Mossimo shirts at Target. They're long, which I like, and cheap, which is good. I think white t-shirts need to be replaced frequently, since they dull in the wash and lose shape quickly. I'm so hesitant to spend big bucks on a t-shirt because mine get too short and too wide/loose after several washes.
  8. ^^i totally agree! i like j.crew white t's b/c they are longer and don't have lycra--which i don't really like. and i do have to replace them each season. they are usually $10 at the outlet.
  9. Agreed about replacing frequently... I like the Gap "perfect" t-shirt w/ a v-neck. I also just ordered some t-shirts from Coldwater Creek, even though it is a store for older women and they are great quality and were under $8 for a nice pima cotton v-neck t-shirt.
  10. American Apparel. That is about the only thing I like from there [plain colored t-shirts] But they fit so well, never shrink up, and are comfy.
  11. The Mossimo tees at Target rock!!
    And they are always less than 10 bucks!:tup::tup:
  12. I like J. Crew tissue tees!
  13. I love the J. Crew V-Neck tees which are currently on sale for $10-14 each. They are a bit on the thin size and run large but they are the perfect match for my cashmere/merino cardigans and jeans!
  14. i love james perse ts, practically live in them. i also like the c&c wrangler t b/c the sleeves are a little longer than most and they look great layered with other ts.
  15. Me too!!