Perfect Wedding Shoes?

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  1. My best girlfriend is getting married soon so she asked me to help her pick some shoes. Her dress is a lovely champagne color. She is a little on the petite side so loves high heels (like a lot of us, right?).

    Here is s the ones I have come up with so far. What do you think?

    anyssa 6220-532368-3.jpg anyssa 6220-532368-4.jpg
  2. TBH I really don't like them. That platform sole reminds me of stripper shoes
  3. I think those are veeery cute... Maybe not for a wedding... But very cute. Show them to your friend and ask her what she thinks.
  4. Those are cute! have a whole bunch of style to show her.
  5. Do they need to be satin? I wore metallic pale pink d'orsay manolos
  6. I know it's not glamorous, but from my experience, ballet flats are the way to go. I know they don't add height, but they're the most comfy. A bride ends up dancing and standing for about seven hours in a row ...
  7. I think they are a bit too clunky, but I guess it depends on the dress.
  8. NMS, unfortunately. We walked through snow to the reception site from the church, so I got married in giant furry snow boots!!
  9. ^^^ How cute! Do you have a pic of your boots? That's my dream wedding for it to be snowy :girlsigh:
  10. I know a lot of people like the silver Manolo sedaraby d'orsay comes in 3 inches also which is more comfy
  11. I was going to wear the silver Manolo sedaraby for my own wedding, unfortunately they didn't match my dress so I had to return them :sad:

    Christian Louboutin have some gorgeous styles suitable for a wedding, some of the ivory ones might look okay with a champagne dress...

    Also maybe show the bride, they have great styles in their couture section and she could even have them custom dyed to match her dress, their shoes are able to be dyed too so she could have them dyed to match her champagne dress.
  12. The best pair for your wedding is the most comfortable pair you can get your hands on. Promise.

    I'm all for wearing beautiful and uncomfortable shoes, but your wedding day is one major exception. The shoes don't show. Don't wear flip flops, but do choose a comfortable (and lovely) heel. I am a dyed-in-the-wool shoe snob, and my wedding shoes are one of the cheapest pairs of shoes I've purchased in the past 5 years. I think they were just a shade under $100, and they were perfectly appropriate and perfectly lovely. My own wedding was the only one that I've ever attended where my feet didn't ache by the end of the night.
  13. I wore Badgley Mischka sandals that weren't very high, probably no more than 2". Let me tell you my feet were on fire by the end of the night. I was in so much pain. If I could do it again I'd wear tennis shoes, seriously. Your feet hardly show if you wear a long dress so definitely go with comfort over high style.
  14. I'm wearing these for my wedding in April :smile:
  15. Those are cute, but they may not be so practical for wedding shoes. Make sure your friend knows that she will be standing a lot the day of her wedding... pictures before, pictures after, dancing, etc. it could be hours before she is able to take them off!

    With wedding shoes, you hardly show your feet if your dress is long. Really the only time I showed mine were for the garter toss. But by then, my friend had already changed my shoes to flip flops. I only wore 2.5 inch heels and my feet were dying by the reception!