perfect vernis?

  1. hey everyone, just a minor question, I saw on my vernis ludow, in the middle right under the snap closure on the edge theres a small indent, and then a light one also on the edge. Is this just mine, or does everyone have some imperfection or another on their vernis items? TIA :heart:
  2. Hi! My vernis items don't have any imperfections on them. Sorry. :smile: Can you post a pic to show what you mean?
  3. :sad: I tried taking pictures of it, but my crappy camera can't pick it up. It's like a small nick, or more like an indented pen mark dot.
  4. Would LV let me exchange it for such a minor flaw? They won't record this right? I know they keep track of returns and suchly.
  5. I've never noticed imperfections on my vernis... I think LV will let you return... people who pay for LV expect perfection and I think SA's are used to it... IMO good luck! What color is your ludlow?
  6. there was someone else that had that I think.

    mine has like a little hair line or something on the back of the flat pouch..i kinda like it. lol.
  7. I just got the indigo ludlow and I looked her over very carefully and she has no imperfections. When I purchased my Vernis Pomme Agenda the store had two left. One of them had scratch indentions, they were small but they were there on the front. The other one was perfect.
  8. there might've been an indent cause there was pressure put on the ludlow for a long period of time.
  9. my pomme koala and cles are perfect. No indentations whatsoever.

    I'd try to take it back. It would bug me.
  10. My pomme cles has a tiny pin point sized ident on the front, but that was probably caused by my keys!
  11. Mine were all ok when I bought them but some have random little dents like on my marshmallow 4 key holder. But those were ones I did myself.
  12. Yeah no problem with vernis. i thought they would scratch easily first time I got it. but no problem even the everyday bag I got.
  13. ^^Really? I didn't know that. Thanks all! I'll take it back today or tomorrow. Thanks so much all! I really love it, but it was bugging me in the back of my mind.
  14. If it is bugging you- take it back for a 'perfect' one. I only have vernis lexingtons and mine appear to be okay- no dents...yet!