perfect turquoise bag, maybe Tano?

  1. I am on the quest for a turquoise bag. I know Tano is coming out with the new pool for spring but it looks like they all have brown trim which I don't want. I was searching around and I'm considering these, both in celeste blue:

    Love Boat,2296.htm
    Fat Cat

    I can't find dimensions on the Fat Cat though and I am so torn (kind of leaning toward the Love Boat though).

    Does anyone have any input on either bag or either of the sites I'm looking at? I have never purchased from either.

    Any other suggestions for a turquoise bag in the same price range? I like large, slouchy bags. TIA!:smile:
  2. Ahhh, I just saw the Sex Bomb will be out in pool (no brown trim, right?). Now I'm so confused!
  3. What about the Lorca?


    Of the two you posted I prefer the Love Boat bag. :tup:
  4. OMG I am drooling over that color. Gorgeous! I want the Havana Hobo in that color so bad but it's getting out of my price range for a turquoise bag.:crybaby:
  5. I came on this thread to post about the new HH torquise color. So glad to see i:heart: handbags beat me to it. I love these bags! Great color and fabulous quality.
  6. I like the Love Boat!!
  7. I love the Love Boat!
  8. The Sex Bomb in pool would be GORGEOUS...and I don't think it has the brown trim.
  9. I think I have it narrowed down to the Love Boat or waiting for the Sex Bomb to come out in turquoise.

    1. Love Boat
    2. Sex Bomb
    3. The color the Sex Bomb would be
    loveboat.jpg sexbombFDG_L.jpg frenchnannyPOO_L.jpg
  10. the love boat is huge just warm you I love the sex bomb gorgeous. I believe thats part of the first shipments to arrive so you wont have to wait till april for that.
  11. I was worried because I kept reading how big it is but I've been carrying my Dutchy Nana Basket ( mine's black) almost daily and it's 17x8x6 which sounds pretty close to the Love Boat at 16x8x11. One thread I read said you could carry a change of clothes and shoes in it though and I know my Nana Basket isn't big enough for that. I'm starting to lean toward the Love Boat for the cloud leather. I know a lot of people love the crackle but I just picture my turquoise bag being soft and smooshy. Probably because my real perfect turquoise bag would be a Balenciaga.:drool:
  12. i thihnk the love boat is a beautiful bag in a GREAT color!
  13. I think the sex bomb is crunch leather. but the crunch over time is made to get softer over time.
  14. Love Boat looks like a great bag... great color too