Perfect Timing?

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  1. Happy New Year dear H friends!

    I haven't been posting much lately; busy with school and work, etc. I have also been on a tighter budget recently since I'm beginning a new career. I just saw something that made my stomach flip, which hasn't happened in a long time! Now, I'm seriously considering diving back into the deep end of the Hermes pool... I don't know if it should happen, but I waaaaaant this bag!! (Sorry, no more whining.)

    So, my question: We've all seen things we've wanted, maybe when the timing wasn't 100% perfect, but with a little bit of luck, could make it work... would you go for it or would you slam the laptop shut and wait for better timing?
  2. I would say walk away- if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be- if you're not 100% ready to make the purchase, then don't. In the end, you'll feel better- no guilt for having spent at a bad time. I am also on a fairly tight budget and constantly having to walk away from things I really want, so I know it's hard and no fun at all. You can do it though!
  3. that's some question Ms. Twilly..........I have to say go for it. Stomach flipping is something to listen to...
  4. Go for it! I have overspent for 10 years but no prb with me. You will regret if you didn't buy it. I would rather starve for a mth or eat takeaway but not miss a chance in buying smthn i like.
  5. When time comes to a standstill, I literally hear angels singing, and I swear, the leather item begins to glow in front of my eyes, I listen. So go for it!
  6. ^^^ I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!:tup:
  7. If it's a good price, and you can afford it, and it's high up on your list of Must Haves, then why not?
  8. Ms. Twilly, IMO it's a question of whether making that purchase will keep you up at night worrying about how you'll manage to pay for the bag that makes your stomach flip. If you believe that it will all work out, then go for it.
  9. elle tee, you said it perfectly!

    Hermes is worth the wait. ;)
  10. It is such a personal question, and the right answer depends on your personality and circumstances, so it is hard to generalize.
    I personally have done it both ways. There were times I really stretched for something or bought it earlier than planned just because it was available and I couldn't let it go. But I have also walked away from special things because I felt it would not be financially responsible at the time. I believe in enjoying life and living it to the fullest, but losing sleep over paying for a bag is, to me, not enjoyable and not the way I want to live.
    I have not regretted my choices. The things I bought, I am glad I made sacrifices to get them. The things I didn't, I just let them to and I really feel in the end they are just bags. So I think in your case, it could go either way, but only you know the answer for sure. Go with your gut.
  11. :goodpost: im with you tamarind!
  12. If you can really make it work (meaning, it won't keep you up at night like MillStream said, or put you into debt), then go for it. Whatever it is- I am just glad that it brought you back - we've missed you!
  13. I agree with Millstream:smile: did you decide yet?
  14. Aww, thanks for your posts, all!! I did decide to back off and slept better for it... but, I hope the opportunity will come again!!
  15. Good for you, Ms. Twilly. Sounds like you made the right decision. :tup: I hope this bag finds you again when you're ready for it.