Perfect t shirt

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  1. I was looking for a perfect white t shirt. I want something that will hold up some of the other ones I have bought have gotten holes in them. For reference I am petite so nothing too long and I like my shirts fitted but not clingy.

    Thanks for any ideas you might have
  2. my best tees are from either target or gap. Sometimes I go up a size or two for a bit of slouchier fit. Then I machine wash cold and hang dry them.
  3. I love banana republic tees!
  4. James Perse
  5. Antiflirt!
  6. j crew factory vintage v-necks.
  7. American Apparel
  8. I like jcrew.
  9. Wow thanks for the ideas I am going to start trying them out
  10. I second James Perse.
  11. Third! Love James Perse.
  12. Hello,
    You can check it on any online website they are providing lots of brands as well variety in quality...
  13. Jcrew vintage T
  14. h&m mens tshirts
  15. I think Target or Old Navy are as good as any. I personally wouldn't spend too much on a white t shirt as they tend to discolour after a few wears & washes and look shabby easily, so a cheaper one is much easier to replace on a frequent basis.