"Perfect" strap drop length?

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  1. Hi TPF'ers

    So when I see bags online they always list the strap drop length. Now for most people that would probably be helpful because you probably know what lengths work for you.

    I have to admit I have never measured any of my straps. But I tend to like them long enough to fit over a bulky winter coat (the joys of living in NYC) and will often buy bags with detachable longer straps.

    I'm curious to know others' criteria and what length you usually look for?
  2. #2 Apr 15, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2014
    As I'm tall and have broad shoulders, I prefer at least 30 cm/12 inch drop so, with a 2-strap bag, I can remove one of the straps (and open the bag) without having to take the whole thing off my shoulder. 25 cm is okay and 20 cm is a very snug fit, not suitable for wearing with that bulky winter jacket...I just won a bid for a gorgeous tote with a 20 cm/8 inch handle drop, we'll see if it works for me or if I have to rehome the bag straight away.

    When I bought my precious, beloved Lumi Supermarket XL bag a year ago, I actually asked them for another size Supermarket's handles; the Supermarket comes with 2 sets of removable straps, 2 short and a long one, and the short ones on this particular size were such an awkward length I got the handles from a Medium sized bag instead. They're a bit longer, and now the bag has a 35 cm drop and is the most comfortable-to-wear bag I own; also, the most practical since I can easily drop one of the straps off my shoulder, open the bag and rummage through it while keeping both my hands free (to do the rummaging). Lumi Accessories did the swap with no hesitation and no extra cost. That's what I call customer service!
  3. For me the perfect length is 7 1/2" - 8". I prefer to wear the bag snugly slung back on my shoulder. As for the coat, I find it always slips off anyway and I end up holding it in hand so I really prefer that length strap.
  4. I like an 8-9" drop especially if it is more of a tote n/s bag. Some types of handles like the rounded ones tend to slip off more easily than a flat one so I generally go for flat handles unless I'm willing to carry that bag on my arm.
  5. you just made me get out my tape measure and check my bag! the drop length on my current bag is 16cm/6.3", which is perfect for me. originally it had a longer adjustable strap for crossbody, but I find I rarely use it. when I wore it crossbody, I had to lift it a bit when looking for stuff in it. on the shorter strap, I just reach my hand in and grab whatever I need, no need to take any straps off my shoulder. helps that the bag is wide enough to stick out, and I just leave the front a bit unzipped!

    if it was a smaller or stiffer bag though I don't think I'd like the strap so short. comfort and ease of use are most important to me.
  6. It's interesting to see what others like. Sometimes cross body can be too long but for totes, I want the option to swing it over my shoulder.

  7. what do you mean swing over your shoulder? because with the image that comes to mind, I would think shorter straps are more conducive to shoulder swinging. :lol:

  8. LOL. Not that. I guess the proper terminology would be 'drape over the shoulder?'
    basically if I can't put it on my shoulder when I'm wearing a bulky winter coat I get annoyed.