Perfect Spring/Summer LVs?

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  1. Please post pics of your ideal spring/summer bags.

    (I don't know all the bag names yet so images will help a great deal!)



  2. I want a bag in azur for spring summer.

    However I use my speedy, Batignolles and bucket year round. You can see pics if you click on my bag showcase link below.
  3. water color speedy
  4. azur galliera
  5. pearle summit drive

  6. Sorry no pics, but if you go to you can look it up, I think the Eva in Damier Azur is the perfect spring/summer bag when you don't need to carry a lot, I also think the azur berkeley is a great spring/summer bag!
  7. A totally azur tote is a laid back one. They are also coming out with an azur visor This will be so summer cute!!
  8. YOUR DOGS ARE TOO CUTE ! Everytime I see you posting, I smile. On a more LV note, your watercolor is amazing.
  9. Oups, my vote is (if you can find one) a water color speedy or an azur speedy too
  10. I am torn....which one is cuter the bags or your adorable models? :smile: I really wish I was following the line more closely when the Watercolour came out.

    Just noticed, my post is similar to anothers. Fans abound....

  11. Thanks so much!!! They are the best dogs ever!!!

    The bigger one is 11 years old and my husband found him when he was just six weeks old. Someone just left him on the doorsteps of the animal hospital my DH works at. The little one is 2 1/2 and I adopted her when she was 8 months old from a fellow tpf'er.

  12. thanks so much
  13. You go BELJWL !! Love your sweet doggies and the LV's
  14. thanks!!!
  15. I love beljwl's choices! :tup: