Perfect Speedy For Mom??

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  1. I have one in damier which she really loves so she's getting one for her..We're debating on an AZUR, MONO and MINI LIN.Pls tell us what you think about the choices.Help us guys.TIA
  2. i like the mini lin for a mom... heck- i like the mini lin for me!
  3. I'm thinking the same thing.
  4. mini lin
  5. Another vote for mini lin!
  6. Have to agree, Mini lin.. I want one ( or the Mini lin bucket) cant decide.
  7. Mini lin.
  8. mono or mini lin
  9. I think mini lin would be perfect:yes:
  10. I agree that mini lin seems more mature.
  11. i agree with the mini lin.. and then second with the mono because you can never go wrong, the azur strikes me as a speedy for the younger crowd.
  12. mini lin! ;) more unique and mature. when I see a woman with a mini lin i automatically assume that this woman has the monogram and damier already! does that make any sense? haha.
  13. I love the mini lin speedy. It's gorgeous IRL.
  14. i really haven't seen MINI LIN IRL,only pix, it's brown too right?
  15. mini lin! :yes:
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