Perfect shoe match for Gold Edith or Paddington!

  1. Ladies,

    I just found the perfect shoe color match for my Gold Edith (would match the gold Paddy too, I assume). I got it on Amazon for only 34.97! The Brand is Cindy Says, it is made in Italy, sold at Nordstrom, and made of very soft leather! One caveat: This shoe runs very, very small. I normally wear a U.S. size 9.5 and I had to buy an 11 M in this size!

    It the Cindy Says "Strut" Studded Clog. The color that matches is called Bronze (really a gold, deep not shiny). I will try to post pics later.

    Here is the link to Amazon. Unfortunately, bronze is no longer a color option, so I think they are sold out for now. Endless also sells it, not sure if they have bronze. But if anyone is interested, you might want to Google it to find it elsewhere, or bookmark the Amazon link to see if it comes back in stock.
  2. OK, maybe you think the shoe is ugly...I don't know...but I just thought I'd let you know the bronze is back in stock. When you click bronze, the pic for tan comes up (Nice job, Amazon). I will try to post pics later after I put my kids to bed.

  3. It is not ugly - LOL! My feet are too big for this style. Thanks for posting it!
  4. Thanks, Divnanata! I can't believe how small this shoe runs. I've never had to buy an 11 in my life. I am average height, 5'5", so at 9.5 I guess I have pretty big feet...:shame: