Perfect Red Purse to make those soles pop

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  1. I'm loving the outfit threads and especially love lvpiggy's glamourous oufit posted today with the red purse. Unfortunately my handbag collection consists of blacks, browns and blues, and I'm thinking I should invest in a red one to glorify my love for red soles.

    So my question to you, which red handbag you you prefer, recommend or lust after to make a CL outfit complete?
  2. I think fieryfashionist has this gorgeous red patent Chanel...
  3. Someone once also posted a beautiful red LV
  4. i think a balenciaga would also be great... they have come out with many beautiful reds in the past.
  5. *****Can't get my picture to work......****

    From the beautiful one MsFrieda has, but red!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. So many yummy selections. For school I use my damier neverfull, I like how the inside lining pops because its red just like the soles of my CLs pop.
  8. Or you can use this as an evening clutch:
  9. There was a red CL clutch for sale on Browns ..
  10. Ohhhh, Balenciaga! My Vermillion We or my Coral Flat Clutch!

  11. Wow. Noah the LV is fabulous!!
  12. Any Louis Vuitton - Pomme D'Amour (Vernis)

    Louis Vuitton Vernis Roxbury Drive Baguette POMME D'AMOUR.jpg
  13. Bella, I so want your clutch! :nuts: That color is TDF.
  14. chanel jumbo flapbag.. classic
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    Fend has some perfect red bags for Louboutin. Their Maxi Shoulder Baguette and Perfect Patent De Jour (I can't find any pics online but I saw it in the boutique it's TDF)...