Perfect Rainy Day Bag

  1. Fall is upon us and I've been thinking about what bags I'll use when it starts raining. Usually my Coach bags are my rainy day bags. I use more LV now, so I am thinking about purchasing a bag that I won't mind getting a little wet. What do you all use on a rainy day? I'm thinking about the Damier Speedy in 25 or 30. My only concern is that I already have a damier Alma and are they too similiar? Should I just use my Alma for rainy days and buy a new Zippy wallet (my LV wallet is 15 yrs. old)? I think I'm too afraid to take my alma out in the rain! Here's what I currently own: mono speedy 25, mono petite-noe (it's 16 yrs old), mono BH, mono trotteur, damier azur speedy 25, damier alma.

    Also, my price range is $700 ish or less.

  2. Take your alma out in the rain and buy a new wallet...that's what I would do!
  3. ^ita!
  4. I have to say though, my wallet is really in good shape. The inside by the credit card slots shows wear, but that's all. It's the old version of the PTI. If I bought a new one, I'd get the Zippy, but is a lot like what I have. As for the bag, I suppose the Alma is more water-resistant than I give it credit for. Hmm...this is a tough decision!
  5. Since your Alma is Damier, the rain isn't and shouldn't be a problem!
  6. use your damier alma
    If you're set on a bag buy a mini lin :smile:
  7. Alot of people specifically buy the Damier pattern, as it's virtually weather-resistant.
  8. damier alma won't mind the rain at all ... buy her a new friend = zippy!
  9. just get a new wallet for your alma
  10. The Alma will be fine in the rain! There will be no damage. I was going to suggest the Trevi but it costs more than you want to spend. In that case, maybe get a new wallet because most people use their damier bags in the rain. I use my mini lin speedy, my damier papillon and my black neo cabby and it rains A LOT here.
  11. Oh yeah I am in the capital of rain-land, LOL, and swear by my Saleya PM on those super rainy days! Damier + ziptop = virtually indestructible.
  12. any purse in damier - hands down!
  13. I've been thinking about this same issue myself! I am either going for the Speedy 30 in Damier or Mini Lin
  14. Ya I say get a new purse, Mini Lin's great so is a Damier Speedy... although I am a huge acessories person so It would be a tough choice for me as well. If your going to get a new wallet I say get something different, not necessarily changing the style per say. But a new different material, that way it still seems like a really new and different purchase. Good luck! :smile:
  15. New wallet!! ;D