Perfect Print Placement Love!

Apr 26, 2007
I've been searching for a new DS case, after testing out the Porta (in Macy's, in L'amore print), I found out it was the cutest clutch bag too! (well not bag, per say, just..thing haha). So I posted up a want ad in Shoptokidoki (But alas, on Paradiso's, and I'm on a strict buying -- Spiagga first, if NOTHING then the Paradiso), I hopped on Ebay. Looked up 'Tokidoki Spiagga' and found THIS!:

A little research: (100% feedback, checked out other tokisales, all look legit. Also saw some pictures on the comm the other day so, assumed they were safe).

The main thing I wanted on the Spiagga was not the adorable Bastardino, Happy Unicorn, or even the cute little death crab, was Adios surfing! (Two of great loves, for me!). And BAM straight on the back. And even with shipping it's $2 cheaper than retail! (That adds up, eventually xD!)

XD Sorry, I just had to share my perfect print placement story.

..(Also, very small, I just bought my iSkin (Flying adios) and should be coming very soon. YES. I'll post my toki collection someday XD)


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007
Boringsville, USA
Great placement! Adios is my favorite too! I have a Spiaggia Zucca and have him surfing across the zipper. I also have a portatelefono (Inferno) and he's standing there hiding behind the mesh pocket. It's so cute!
Apr 26, 2007
I lovveee adios! Him srfing is to adorable. When I hunt for my L'amore Denaro I want him *smack* right there in the middle with Ciao Ciao!

DreamsofToki: That Foresta is so cute! I LOVE LOVE the koi fishes, and their little heart bubbles. And you got the tiger too! Foresta is one of those prints who colors don't really suit me (i'm more of a darker toned person), but then it REALLY REALLY grew on me, and I like, really love it haha.

Dang, never pay retail? How do you do it :sad:?


May 6, 2007
i almost bought that porta cause it has my perfect placement, too, with adios and the cute deer. but i wasn't sure what i would do with a porta so i didn't buy. glad someone got it.


goddess ^_^
Mar 3, 2007
Honolulu, HI
I have a "perfect print placement" story too!! For only the second time ever I paid retail for a bag.... and then there was shipping and insurance.... but the print placement is *perfect* (for me) on my new Foresta Bambinone! I've been looking for this bag for months and now it's mine!
Wow, you would love my Foresta denaro, bella, and BV then...! It's got the tiger and that area as the focal point on all three of them.


Feb 26, 2007
I would have snapped up that porto as well unfortunately I don't have paypal. Congrats! I love it because of adios since he isn't on my BV.