Perfect Placements

  1. I was wondering if any ladies out there have the same "bad habit" like me...keke i.e. buying repeats of tokis which you already own cuz you found another piece with a better placement :roflmfao: gahhh i've been doing that lately especially with my Foresta pieces...

    I just simply cannot resist getting a piece with my perfect placements...den worry abt trading/selling off the older piece...:push:
  2. haha I keep buying spiaggia items because I'm desperately trying to get a bag with a *ton* of the water scene, and yet my favorite character - the rasta boy on the inner tube. I have 3 spiaggia bags as of right now, and not one really comes close to my perfect placement at all :p
  3. Hmmm... Some of my pieces already have my "perfect placement." The ones that don't, I don't really worry too much over because I'm happy with what I have... I'm sure if there was something I fell in LOVE with and was at a good price, but already had one of, I'd get it and sell the previous one. But I don't think about that often...
  4. Guilty as charged.. :shame: I've been on an ados star ciao binge since I decided I NEED one!! The first one I got has amazing placement on the front but I'm just not nuts about the back, which really doesn't matter b/c I NEVER see the back but I'm :nuts: and keep hunting down one that I will :heart::heart::heart: both the front and the back!!! :nogood:
  5. Guilty! Now I just need to bring myself to sell the doubles off...
  6. This is the hardest part...selling off the doubles...:push:
    I had to sell my double AS Ciao to my sister b/c it was waaaaaaaay too cute to sell on eBay and never see again! :nuts:
  7. actually i'm already contented with the pieces i own..but somehow when i see another piece with a better placement..i just have to get >.<
  8. I do that too and then I sell the other item with less than perfect placement.
  9. i would do that...but the fact that i'm broke stops me from buying more than one bag of the same print. :p
  10. LoL I do the same thing.. :shame:
  11. I am so thankful that I have yet to fall into *the* trap .. This would eat me up like a bad infection!
  12. I saw a zucca at my local Macy's a couple months ago that was almost entirely water scene except for the little strip on the top. I almost bought it since I love the water scene, but I resisted at the last second. I kind of wish I hadn't now, hah. The more I look at spiaggia, the more I like it.
  13. haha im guilty too :smile:
  14. If had posted yesterday, I could've said I can contain myself and that I'm happy with what I have. I could've said I was very content because I've gotten the placements I wanted.
    Ahhh, but sadly, today I have to say, "Guilty", along with the rest!! I just bought the same bag/same print again!! It's just that my original Bambinone had perfect placement IMO, but my fave scene #1 was on the back, and my fave scene#2 was on the front. The one I just bought has the same identical print (I'm not kidding, it's like 99% exactly identical) but fave scene #1 is on the front, and fave scene#2 in on the back. I'm insane, aren't I? :wacko:
  15. Nahh, you're not insane, you're just Toki-obsessed like we all are!! :nuts::borg: