Perfect Pirata Zucca

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  1. It broke my heart to do this but if anyone is looking for the perfect Pirata Zucca ... I just returned mine to Macy's Herald Square this morning. It's just that I have a Pirata Gioco and I came to the conclusion I didn't need 2 large bags with the same print.

    I almost cried when I returned it ... the sales girl was like "are u sure u wanna do this? u look really upset." But I did it.

    I hope that whoever buys her (yes I made it a "her") takes good care of her and gives her a good home and keeps her looking pretty. :crybaby: :sad:
  2. wow my post got 17 views but no one wanted to leave me a comment .. lol oh well .. :Push:
  3. Aw, I'll comment.;) I just got a Pirata Zucca a couple weeks ago. Why did you return it? Too many other Toki purchases? I have several of the same print though I probably should sell some.
  4. aww I'm really sorry... look on the bright side there'll be more perfect bags you'll love even more so in the future in other prints! you're saving money also!!
  5. no worries~~~! all in all... a bag is a bag :0) and since u already have the pirata gioco, ur good to go :smile: save money and spend it on something new! :tup:
  6. What does the perfect pirata zucca look like?
  7. These are pics of my pirata ... all I have left of her:



    lol it was perfect to me. Plus yeah .. I can look at it like I have a little more money now. :amuse:
  8. Wow! I wish I was in NYC. I'd run right to Macy's. I don't have anything in Pirata yet. I have spent too much but might cave for this one.

    Do you like the Gioco style better? I haven't tried that one yet either.
  9. The gioco took some getting used to but yeah I really do like it. I haven't tried any of my Zuccas actually .. so the Pirata I returned was never used. I'm sure it's a good bag style tho .. I still have 2 more Zuccas at home that I plan on keeping and I'll try them out eventually.
  10. hey thats how my ex pirata zucca looked like too!
  11. Wow sounds like you're really upset about it, are you sure you dont want to run back and rebuy it? lol. It is a beautiful print!
  12. Tokidoki Angels: You will be ok. I, too sell something that I like soo much. My mom said you have pictures of the bag ? If you do, then you can always look at the pic. up for other print !
  13. aww bubblesung .. sounds like ur ex zucca was my ex zucca's twin .. haha

    Yup Julie .. I have pics to remember her by :yes:
  14. lmao omg julie i do the same thing! i keep all pix of the bags i sold so even if i may regret or feel sad...i can always look back...i do same with bags that i see are perfect print..i save n stare..much cheaper that way!