Perfect Pink Lady Dior (Instant Reveal)

  1. Late to the thread, but glad to know that the handle saga is ending in a happy manner. Congrats on that gorgeous pink LD! :biggrin:
  2. Sweet color !! :smile:
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    I wore my LD for the first time today and I absolutely LOVE it!:smile: I'm so suprised how much I love the style and shape.. and the pearly pink is perfect for me and my lifestyle. I can already see this bag is going to get a lot of use until winter!
    DSC_0022.jpg DSC_0023.jpg DSC_0024.jpg DSC_0026.jpg DSC_0028.jpg DSC_0029.jpg
  4. Wow the colour goes so well with your dress! I can see why you like it so much.
  5. Beautiful!!! You carry the LD well! I'm really loving all the pinks that Dior has come up with. My rose sorbet, your pink magnolia, the powder pink, bois de rose, fuchsia, coral (well it's got a pink tinge to it), Jaipur pink, you name it!

    Enjoy your Lady in good health! Btw, will you still be getting a Chanel soon? I remember the other thread you started. :biggrin: Have you decided yet?
  6. Agreed I was so tempted by so many pinks as I searched. There's such a wide range of colors with dior... There's really a shade for everyone!!

    Hehe and yes I may be getting it today. Keeping my fingers crossed! Otherwise I will get something from fall :smile:
  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I'm so happy I went with this one :smile:
  8. You wear it so well dear!!!!!!!!
  9. Thank you... I love it so much! The color is surprisingly very versatile... In bright lighting it is a pearly light pink and in more intimate lighting a dusty pink. I'm so happy with it!

    Now I just need a large one for work :smile:... I have to test out how practical it is though with the opening still as I would be taking things in and out more

    Any news about your SO yet?? Did you decide between the gold exotics?
  10. Wow. That would be great!!! Another LD sounds great! Do you think large LD is easier to open?

    My SA said Paris needs one month to work my SO to see they can do it or not. Can understand why this took so long. I already paid deposit half the gold python. I go with the metallic gold. It will arrive soon. Can't wait to get it. :graucho:
  11. Yes, the large Lady Dior is easier to open because the zipper is much longer, and you can also access things inside your bag more easily.

    Wow please share pictures once you get your one-of-a-kind gold python Lady Dior in a few months!
  12. You wear this so well; you and the bag look fabulous together! :smile:
  13. I actually find my medium to not be so bad to open but am I pretty cautious with it because I don't want to soften the opening too much. I love the large size without the strap but I would want to fit a lot of stuff like water, lunch, etc so I have to see whether it is manageable to get all these things in the opening. I know it will fit everything though because my medium surprisingly holds a ton!

    Can't wait to see your gold python!
  14. Thank you tutu! I'm so happy with my decision.. I might have another surprise for you around Tuesday too hehe :smile:
  15. Oooo! Getting a second Lady Dior? :graucho: