Perfect Pink Lady Dior (Instant Reveal)

  1. From the first time I saw the Lady Dior bag, I was intrigued by the pink colors. I love the feminine shape and style of the bag and felt this was my chance to buy a pink handbag, which is SO unlike me. After searching through the forum for many, many pinks I finally found one that I knew was the "one." And, I have not been let down - this is the perfect pink Lady Dior in my opinion.

    I think/know many people know which one I got so I won't hesitate anymore to present it:smile:

    Presenting to you, my medium Pink Magnolia Lady Dior
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    Beautifully prepared :smile:
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  3. eagerly awaiting more pics!
  4. Opening... I loved all the little details that go into Dior packaging. The tissue paper has 'Dior" all over it, it is sealed with a 'CD' sticker. The tissue paper underneath the bag is folded into pleats.. just gorgeous!
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  5. Ta da! :biggrin: I feel the color is very accurate to how the bag is in "intimate" lighting. It's a beautiful dusty pink with a pearl-like finish.. it shines beautifully in the light. And the lambskin... oh my - lush to the max!
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  6. But here's my dilemma... there is some color that seems to be rubbed off on the handles (3 spots to be exact - I have attached photos showing.. 1 on the side of the handle and then rubbing off on the tops of both handles). I now know this is normal with use.. as since I found it 3 places it seems to be from handling. However, I would really appreciate some elaboration on how delicate the handles are and how easily they will be imperfected (so I know for future use and how careful to be/what to expect). Will this happen for all colors? I was planning a black or red large LD next as my daily bag but may reconsider if this is going to happen.

    So, the question is - would you accept a bag like this (i.e. with faults) or would you want something that looks brand new??

    This is a big purchase for me so I really wanted it to be absolutely perfect and to be honest I expected perfection from Dior. However, there are only 2 left total in the UK (1 of which I now have).. so it's likely the other has the same marks as well. I guess what concerns me most is that the dots are grey - I don't want the entire handle to be grey in a few months time! For people who own, bals - the color looks exactly like the corners of a bal bag that have been rubbed off.. the grey leather base (pre-dyed).

    I love this color, so if it came down to keeping this bag or exchanging for another color I would keep this. I just wonder whether it's worth pursuing to see if I could get one without these faults from the start.

    Thank you everyone for your opinions - from helping me decide on the bag to this.. I really appreciate all of you TPFers for your guidance :smile:
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  7. Also, for those wondering, here is a photo of the bag with the necklace attachment. I didn't like it nearly as much in the silver so I decided against it. I will likely invest in some hermes twillies instead (especially knowing that the handles are delicate!)
  8. Hi, firstly congratulations for scoring this colour! It is indeed a very youthful and sweet pink!

    When I saw the mark on the handle, my initial thought was it could be scratched by nails from handling and I would propose rubbing it gently on the spot. However, when I saw the second and third pics, I would say it's probably a return or indeed a piece with quality issue. I must say I have not seen such imperfection tho, misalignment, yes, but I don't think irregular dye would make pass Dior's QC.

    If someone try to clean any stains off lambskin (unless it's coated), some colour bounds to come off. Or it may darken it. Please let me know if anyone has a leather cleaner that doesn't take any colour off to recommend.

    In this case, I'd definitely ask for an exchange. Hope u don't mind my frank opinion.
  9. Whoops here's it with the necklace
  10. I did rub the small mark on the side of the handle thinking it was a superficial mark but there was no change. I think the color is off to the undyed leather... There is no sign of pink on these marks

    Hm, hopefully dior USA will consider a switch since it's in several places and maybe is a quality issue :sad:
  11. I totally agree. I thought it was a scratch/scuff, until I saw the second and third picture. It is not the leather being improperly dyed, especially judging from where the lightened marks are. The making of the handles involves rounded hammers and tools that won't damage the leather either, so it's not the crafters.

    This is most likely shop wear (or it could be a refunded bag), from customers/SAs grabbing the handles and rubbing them against each other. It could also be from the jewelry that the customers wear on their hands, or even particular hand creams.

    Don't worry. The handles won't turn completely grey over time, nor will they turn grey for that matter. Otherwise you would see a lot of grey-handled used Lady Diors on eBay. I still don't think it's undyed leather, because the crafters who make the bag select the dyed sheets of lambskins to use, and they wouldn't select one with undyed areas and form them specifically around vulnerable points on the handle. It definitely looks like wear and tear based on where the areas of missing colour are.

    Dior in the US can repair that for you, and probably free of charge, too, because you bought it so recently.
  12. Congratulations on getting your beautiful Lady Dior, by the way. We should also focus on how you were able to get one in the colour you like (you got the second last one in the UK), because some colours sell out so quickly that people have to settle for other colours.
  13. Thank you for your responses AJ. Despite the fact that I'm disappointed it is marked, I do absolutely love the color, the look, the leather, and even the quality (well made and constructed, etc). I had a great experience with a lovely SA and the bag was prepared wonderfully when I received it. It's definitely not putting me off Dior - I just want to get it fixed so that it looks in better shape (I won't say perfect... but darn close to it hehe) :biggrin:
  14. Congrats on your lady Dior! I think I would go for an exchange if possible
  15. I have the same one, and love the color! I always wanted to add a pearl necklace to the bag, but never see one in the local store. Maybe you could use a scarf to wrap the handles if you really want to keep it? I found two very nice Dior scarf to wrap mine. Here's the pic