Perfect Perfume to wear to the Office?

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  1. Hi, ladies!
    Okay, I need suggestions for a nice, everyday perfume to wear to the office.
    Nothing too expensive, either. I don't want to spend more than $100!
  2. I think my everyday scent, Creed's Silver Mountain Water, is a good one for office use. It's light, very subtle, no one will really smell it unless they hug you, and even then it will not knock them over.

    You, on the other hand, being so close to yourself all the time, will get to enjoy it all day!
  3. If you're one for fresh-flowery scents like me, something subtle like Versace's Bright Crystal might do. Or you can go glam and wear Chanel (Chance, Allure, Coco), but everyday might be an expensive habit !
  4. I don't like wearing anything too strong at the I keep it simple. I love the EDTs from Bath and Body Moonlight Path (or something like that) and Warm Vanilla SIL wears Cherry Blosson. For $20...not bad.
  5. I usually wear Gucci Rush to the office. My coworker who sits next to me also wears it, so it always smells nice in our corner! :p However, I've been wanting something different for summer. I'm partial to Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely and the new Stella McCartney.
  6. I recently bought Philosophy the fragrance. Nice citrusy scent perfect for spring and summer. Under $50 at Sephora. Also, Falling in Love by Philosophy is what I wear all winter long. My kids tell me it smells a little like cotton candy and it is very subtle and non-offending.
  7. Extravagence by Givenchy
    miss dior cherie by dior
    clinique happy by clinique
    miracles by lancome
    tresor by lancome
    inspiration by lacoste
    woman by versace
    amber romance by victoria secret
    cherry blossom by bath and body works
    japanese cherry blossom by bath and body works
    wisteria by crabtree and evelyn
    somerset by crabtree and evelyn
    amarige by givenchy
    organza by givenchy
    chance by chanel
    lovely by sarah jessica parker
    pleasures by estee lauder
    #19 by chanel
    Issey Miyake by issey miyake
    marc jacobs by marc jacobs

    I personally have or have smelled these and I think they could be office appropriate. They are not too strong and are great everday fragrances. some of them you can find on
  8. Lovely by SJP (as mentioned) I wear that everyday and its just so light and well,...lovely!! Another good scent is Cheap and Chic by Moschino...I LOVE IT!
  9. Why not just use a body splash? Sometimes people in offices may be sensitive to perfumes, and body splashes are lighter. For work I just use Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom or Fresh Vanilla. They make edt versions that are light, too.
  10. I LOVE Lovely by SJP. It is delightful. I wear it to work a few times a week.

    Recently I got a sample of Escada Sunset Heat which is really nice too. Just bought a full sized bottle today.

    I also use Bath & Body Works body splashes. Warm Vanilla Sugar is good. I like Cherry Blossom and Fresia (? sp).
  11. miss dior cherie by dior
    ^^ LOVES.. Im addicted to this perfume!seriously!!

    I really want to try the SJP, everyone is raving!
  12. I wear a lot of chocolate scented perfumes. It keeps me from eating chocolate and it doesn't seem to bother people. I do hear a lot of comments that it smells like someone just baked cookies......
  13. dolce gabbana light blue! sooo pretty
  14. I'm gonna *bump* this! (because I'm starting an internship next week and want some more ideas ;) )