Perfect,Perfect SHOULDER Bag help

  1. I'll be getting a new bag and it has to be a shoulder bag. Most of my bags are handheld(MC white trouville,Mono manhattan PM,Speedes ML and Damier and a Mono Pochette) I need something bigger than the pochette. Pls help me guys.Thanks a lot..

    Oh I'm thinking of Denim Baggy PM or Mini Lin Bucket.what do you guys think?Other suggestions are welcome,Day to evening shoulder bag is better. . TIA:love: :love:
  2. Oh, I really like the Baggy :yes:
    Other suggestions: Multicolore Lodge PM, Mono Viva-Cité GM, Mono Tikal GM, Damier Ravello GM, Damier Highbury...
  3. Imo, the perfect, perfest bag is the baggy!
    :heart: Stephanie.
  4. The mini lin bucket is gorgeous!
  5. monogram tulum pm, great shoulder bag!!
  6. how about the BV or BH
  7. :yes:
  8. ave always heard the BH is the best shoulder bag. . . have fun shopping!
  9. Sorry guys but I am not a BH lover, one of the straps kept falling down. Love my petit noe
  10. My votes are for Petit Bucket, MC Sologne, Viva Cite MM, MC Eliza, and Illovo PM.
  11. I would vote for viva cite mm. I think that's the next bag I'm getting. Go for bags with only one strap and you won't have the problem with straps falling off your shoulder.
  12. I have the Mono Petite Noe which I love, but I also just got the Mono Tulum GM. I love it. It has an adjustable strap. Definitely look into it. But if you really want denim than I think the Baggy would be great. It get high marks here on tPF.
  13. I love my Denim Baggy PM, sooo pretty, super comfy on the shoulder and so light, but it is also very casual. Definitely a day to evening bag. Thats my vote!
    Mini lin bucket is also sooo pretty! The only issue I have is that there is no closure. Check it out and see how it feels. Also a great day to evening bag.

    Good luck!

    Some others to consider: Mono BH or BV (or) MC - Aurelia or Lodge.
  14. How about the Batignolles Horiztonal - that is the PERFECT LV bag!!!
  15. I also have the denim baggy pm and love it, fits quite a lot and is very comfortable to carry