Perfect pen for your LV agendas and the price is right...

  1. I wanted to share this info..I purchased a set of pens from, I did not wanted to spend big bucks for a pen, like LV or other brand, so I ordered this cute silver pen from this website, IT IS JUST PERFECT for LV agendas, they are stainless steel.
    Price $9.99
    Satisfaction: priceless:idea:

    Here the pen in my agenda.
  2. I have the pen and pencil set - they are durable and work great in my Mini Agenda.
  3. Ughhh, this is a sensitive subject for me....for I have spent the last 3 years in search of a cooridinating pen....and finally caved in and bought a pen for $$$ last week....ughhhhhh :hysteric: I still cant believe that I spent that much on a stupid pen......:crybaby:

    It is deliberate of LV.....:cursing:
  4. Bagluvluv...I think it is a beautiful pen though!!!! Bags4me...I have to see if daytimers makes a gold tone pen to match the koal agenda...I hope so!
  5. It will not hurt to check it out, my Koala version came with silver padlock and black lining:heart: It was hard to find it, sold out almost everywhere:yes: the pen was the perfect match for it, they even can personalize the pens if you want it for a very small charge.
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