Perfect Pale Pink ballet flats?

  1. i have been searching forever so the perfect pair of the palest, pink ballet flats. delicate and light. almost like real ballet slippers.

    any suggestions? any help would be greatly appreicated. thanks!!
  2. How about this pair of Tod's? It's metallic pink.
  3. or this?

    London Sole seems to have a lot of cute styles of you want to check them out.
  4. thanks so much breakfast lover... close, but not pale enough.
  5. Have you tried Capezio's? They're the real deal.
  6. Steven by Steve Madden the most gorgeous shade of blush patent flats. The shape is very close to Lanvins. They are beautiful. Good luck...
  7. those London Soles are cute!
    i want a pair.
  8. thanks again everyone... ada726 i think you've done it... these are sooooo perfect!!:heart: :heart: :heart: are these the ones you were talkin about? do you have them?
  9. If satin is okay, check out the 'Love Fab' by Jeffrey Campbell. They come in nude, which looks to be a nice pale ballet pink.

  10. I think the name of them is 'Picara' and yes these are the ones. Please post pix once you've bought them...
  11. BTW- If you see someone else in BK walking around in them, it's me....
  12. Louis Vuitton has agreat pair as well as Bottega Veneta.
  13. I like the Tods.
  14. Chanel has the most beautiful palest, pale pink ballet shoes I have ever seen. My friend has a pair. I suspect she either bought them at Saks or Neimans b/c seriously, these are the only two stores she ever goes in.
  15. another vote for french sole (london sole)...they're my fav. brand for ballet flats.