Perfect pair of jeans for tucking into boots

  1. just for info - radcliffe jeans are perfect for tucking into boots (you can attach an elastic like stirrups) and you can vary them in lenght with buttons -
    great 14.5 inch leg opening for skinny jeans - i just got a pair and can't wait to try them out!!!!
  2. Is it just me, or is 14.5" kinda wide to tuck into boots? My J brands are the 12" ones and i also still have a bulge in my boots when I tuck them in...
  3. Well, I wear 14 inches leg opening, and i tucked them in my boots before. there a lil wide, but i also tuck them into my socks to keep them in place. other then that, skinny makes your legs looooook sooooo long and lean in boots!
  4. true religion i think its called stove pipe? black so cute tucked in boots
  5. - my sis turned me on to them. they sell jeans with the socks i'd imagine they'd slip right into your boots, without all the tucking!