Perfect LV wallet for the DBF?


Jun 8, 2012
Hey all, been reading for awhile now, here is my first post, woohoo! \^^/ I LOVE TPF and thanks all for taking the time to read/help me with this.

So my DBFs birthday is coming up and I want to buy him a new wallet. His current dark brown LV taiga is falling apart after 7 years.

I want to get him a new LV wallet but I'm a bit stumped so I'm coming to you here. His tastes are;

1) he likes billfolds not long because he's not a suit and tie guy.

2) he likes simple, subtle and not too bright (hence the dark brown taiga)

3) he doesn't carry change so I guess a coin holder attachment is unnecessary.

I'm leaning towards the grey Damier billfold, but I wanted some other opinions. Thanks again in advance!