Perfect hoodie?

  1. Hi! Maybe a stupid question in a place where everyone seems to dress very glamourous :shame: but I'm looking for the perfect hoodie.

    I want it to be very warm and comfy, have a nice fit (Good for a longer torso and with long sleeves)and to look stylish (as far as it is possible for a hoodie to be stylish...)

    Please know that I'm located in Europe and certain brands aren't available here.
    I have been looking on the american apparel site but I'm open to all your ideas!

    Thank you ! :flowers:
  2. I don't think it's the perfect one, but I do have one from diesel that I like a lot. I also have a longer torso, and they fit really well. The hood unzips into a wider collar which I like... and it's very soft and warm!
  3. Don't worry not everyone here is glamourous, I'm rarely seen in anything other than jeans and a hoodie. Many people hate Abercrombie, but I really can't find a better hoodie in terms of comfort, quality, and fit for the price. They are cut slim and long, with longer than normal sleeves. They are also super super soft and have a nice fleece lining. They come in bright colors too, the only problem is that they usually have a big ABERCROMBIE splashed across the front. I can deal with the logo though. I've heard good things about Juicy Couture's fleece hoodies, but they are a bit on the expensive side. I have no experience with American Apparel hoodies, but be careful because a lot of things are unisex and will have a baggy fit on a girl. Happy hoodie hunting!
  4. I'm a big fan of hoodies. H&M kids department had some great ones a while ago, long style, very comfy and cool looking.
    I also love this style from A&F: (the link is to a Norwegian online store)
  5. Another vote for Abercrombie! I love their non-zipped ones.

    And I've heard great things about lululemon although I've never tried them.
  6. I only possess two hoodies and one is Great China Wall which I adore and the other is Maharishi which is quite long, only thing is both brands are pricey

  7. Thank you! I love the abercrombie stuff, everything always looks very nice on the site (good fit, good price) but I can't get them here :crybaby:
  8. I have a hoodie from Juicy Couture, its cashmere, and doesnt scream Juicy. Its fits well, nice and long in the body and arms. I wear it all the time.
  9. please post links to sites unless you KNOW they're authentic
  10. I agree with H&M, you can find some cute hoodies with interesting details there.

    I also like Mike and Chris, but they are expensive and kind of terrible quality, not really worth the price (but I have two and want more because they look really cool).
  11. I like the ed hardy ones and own one myself but I would like something simpler but really warm:girlsigh:
  12. I like the Juicy Couture Hoodies with fur on the inside, or the Lululemon Scuba hoodies too (yeah, I admit, they may be hard to buy in Europe. Have you tried eBay?)