Perfect for work; patent jet set tote!

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  1. Hi all! I’m not sure what’s the proper name for this Jet Set tote from MK but I’m loving it for work!

    I recently got a black Coach Rogue 36 for work but it weights a ton so although I had never purchased MK before... I always found the ubiquitous logo a huge turn off I decided to see if I could find a non-logo saffiano JS tote at TJ MAXX or the MK boutique in the mall. I saw many great reviews for the JS totes and so figured if it was unbranded it would be fine.

    I found this one at my local TJ MAXX... it has very subtle branding... and it’s patent! The patent leather is frankly superb quality. The patent feels exactly like my black patent pilgrim bag from Burberry and it’s similar to my LV Vernis Alma... and I made sure to inspect all stitching and all edging and it’s hobesyly perfect. Even stitching, perfect edging!

    Ok, I admit for being so inexpensive I’m impressed!!! I’m not a bag snob I just prefer subtle and high quality stuff and this baby fits the bill.

    It fits everything for work and is lightweight too!

    I’m going to try to find a matching wallet... maybe the MK boutique has one. I don’t think I’ll look down on MK anymore... this bag has won me over.
    F933087C-C20C-422F-9006-4771412F0EC2.jpeg 552067DA-F274-4E40-859C-31B89516941F.jpeg 5E9929D8-F856-4A6E-8216-14A26FA7FB27.jpeg
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  2. Congrats...I really like this and the patent is perfect for year round and any weather!