Perfect for V-day!

  1. I met up with some wonderful tpfers from the LV forum yesterday for lunch, then after that, I met up with my good friend.

    We had a quick lunch and decided to head out to H just to browse. We saw our fave SA immediately and said hello. We chatted for about a minute, then the SA suddenly puts on a mischievous smile and says, "Look what I have today:wtf:" and points her head to our left, toward the scarf display case. I look, and I see a group of ladies next to "it". I'm thinking, "Oh, no, it's one of theirs". But then my SA calls out to the SA standing next to "it" and motions to her to bring "it" to me:yahoo:
  2. So "it" is brought to me, and I knew "it" had to be mine and I had to act fast! This was Sat. afternoon, so the store wasn't hurting for business!
  3. Ooooh...I'm all ears!:yes:
  4. Do tell... !!!
  5. I'm so glad my friend was there, as "it" wouldn't be mine if she wasn't there. Plus, I'm so happy she got to share my joy!
  6. Here's pic #1
  7. and #2 and #3:
    2qs9y7t_th.jpg 21nmjk5_th.jpg
  8. "It" is relatively easy, so she's movin' onto pic #4
  9. OOOOOHHHHHH....:popcorn::drinkup:
  10. Here's the next pic!
  11. Any guesses?
  12. Can you make the pic larger??
  13. Can't wait to see!
  14. I don't think I can, but maybe if I showed a little more, it could help?
  15. Alright, here's the full Monty. Plus one of me actually in the store with my 2 babies. The security guard made a lunge toward me when he saw I had a camera, but then my SA quickly intervened and told him it was OK cuz I had just purchased the bag:lol: It was about 3:00 in the afternoon, so that's why the light looks the way it does in the pic.
    1zfonc6_th.jpg 51vlvp_th.jpg