Perfect for everyday! BV Intrecciato Stitched bag!

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  1. After trying on dozens of bags at the BV boutique, I finally found a great bag for everyday use ... the Intrecciato Stitched bag. :nuts: It's made of the softest lambskin leather and the color is also fantastic ... something like grey/etoupe. The stitches on the side and accents on the handles are dark brown patent leather. It's also the perfect size for me and I can use it for both day and night. :yes:

    When I first saw the bag in the catalog (the white one), I wasn't so excited about it. But when I tried it on, it is sooooo much better in real life. I think the grey/etoupe (whatever it's official color is) is so versatile for everday use and the contrast dark brown patent sticthing gives the bag more character. Mmm, I might need to go back to the BV boutique to ask the official name of the grey/etoupe.

    I initially wanted the Montaigne bag but it was a bit big for me. Although I do love how it can expand when you unclasp the sides. :yes: The Montaigne might be a good alternative for travel and I really love how it looked on me with the sides unclasped. :graucho: :whistle:
    Intrecciato_stitched_grey_b.jpg Intrecciato_stitched_grey_2.jpg
  2. Cool- I love the stitching detail and color of this one.:yes:
  3. congrats and love the color.
  4. the bag is gorgeous! i think the official color is called Limo, i really want to get a bag in this color !!
  5. Beautiful bag. Congratulations. The contrast between the colours is lovely. Do you mind giving us the approx. measurments?
  6. Gorgeous bag! Congrats LaVan. =)
  7. Congrats! It's a lovely bag and the stitching makes it very special. I really like this color.
  8. Thanks and great info on the color! I think Limo is fantastic and a great alternative to either black or brown. The color also goes with all seasons.
  9. Thank you! The bag measures about 28cm long x 16cm high x 14cm wide.
  10. Thank you all!!!

    I'm really happy with the bag as I have been searching for great alternatives for everyday use lately and I'm glad I found it.

    Bagpuss, belen - The contrast stitching really makes the bag more special. It looks so much better in person than in the picture!
  11. wow gorgeous bag laVan!! congratulations!!
  12. OOOOoooo! It's so nice!!! I :love: that color.....soooo pretty!
  13. Thank you pinkish_love and gingerfarm!

    The only thing I'm missing with my BV bag is that it doesn't have little feet at the bottom!
  14. I am searching for a great everday bag and look where I am too!!!

    I LOVE YOUR BAG LAVAN! It is just gorgeous.
  15. Congrats Lavan! This bag is just gorgeous! I love the colour, the shape and the stitching details!!! :love: