Perfect Fendi Work / Carry On Bag Pics from SA

  1. Hello All,
    So I went out to dinner with my husband last Saturday and I had a little more to drink than usually. Anyway, long story short, I wound up calling the Fendi boutique in Vegas at about 2:00AM my time. The SA tracked down a black patent leather mini b bag with the gold filigree buckles. I've been looking for this bag for a few weeks, so I bought it:yahoo:

    Well, now this SA contacted me today and said they just got a new bag in and wanted to know if I was interested. She said it's new and they only received one, so it may be hard to get. She also said it was the perfect size for work or plane carry on. I've attached the pics and details if anyone is interested. Happy Shopping!!!

    Oh, and if this is a common style / easy to get, please let me know so I can tell the SA not to try and BS me into a sale in the future! TIA!

    The price is $2070.00 it is 24 inches wide and 14 inches tall.
    Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg
  2. Hmm, never seen this style before so I don't think is common. But for that price I rather get all leather one (maybe from the selleria line?)
  3. Sort of reminds me of a cross between a Zucca De Jour Bag and the Selleria Satchel. Bet it is really nice looking IRL, I never get enough of the textured "rugato" leather...:drool:
  4. Lol! thats just how they are in Vegas, they always try to pressure you into a sale! I noticed this when I was down there!