perfect everyday bag

  1. Dear LV-Experts,

    I am looking for 'the perfect everyday handbag' which i can use for work (with black suit/skirt) and can wear with jeans and high-heels on the weekend.
    I wouldnt like a bag which screams LV, but i love the quality and design of the following bags:
    -black epi lockit
    -mini lin speedy
    -black epi vivienne long
    -saleya pm
    -damier brera

    What do you think which would be the best for me? (oh, yes, i am 30y old, 5'6'',slim built)

  2. Epi Lockit works for both work and casual, I think...
  3. Either the Epi lockit or the Mini Lin speedy!
  4. I think the black epi lockit would be perfect for you!
  5. lockit:smile:)))
  6. Mini Lin speedy or black epi lockit!!! :love:
  7. mini lin speedy
  8. I use my red epi vivienne long for work and casual days. I love it. I was worried about straying from my usual black but I find myself grabbing it more often than any of my other bags. Also I get tons of compliments on it, even from the non-purse obsessed.
  9. What about Damier Speedy? To me, that is the ultimate everyday bag!
  10. I think the Mini Lin Speedy in ebene is sheer perfection of LV, understated but stunning.
    Matches everything and easily dressed up or do. Completely worry free and still subtle LV logo's!!
  11. Epi lockit!
  12. If you can, I would recommend trying them on in person to see what you feel most comfortable with. My first inclination would be to go with the black epi lockit. It is a classic style, and you could wear it with anything. However, I was shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills a couple of weeks ago, and saw a girl carrying an azur Saleya PM. I absolutely could not take my eyes off it. The Saleya is so classy looking in person. If you went with the ebony Saleya, you wouldn't have to worry about getting the handles dirty.
  13. speedy!
  14. Saleya or Lockit! What about Red Epi Lockit? or Red Epi speedy 25?
  15. epi lockit! it's a very classy bag, perfect for work!